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As a teacher, I spend a lot of time talking and sometimes while very close to others.  Needless to say I do everything I can to make sure I don't have bad breath.  (I think we all remember that one teacher who got a little too close and we wished they would take a step back - I never want to be that teacher!)

So I was pretty curious when given the opportunity to try a great line of products specifically designed to tackle bad breath! Therabreath is the maker of toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth rinses, sprays, drops and teeth-whitening products.  The website is dedicated to explaining the causes of bad breath and how the products work to fight it. I was lucky enough to try out the toothpaste, rinse and lozenges.


TheraBreath toothpaste is designed to fight the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.  This means that your breath is freshened and your mouth's overall health is improved.  Using TheraBreath toothpaste can improve your breath and gum health, as well as work to fight cavities and reduce plaque.  For a specially formulated toothpaste, I was surprised that the taste didn't make me feel like I was using something medicinal or clinical.


I also tried the TheraBreath Oral Rinse, and it was my favorite product to try.  The rinse uses OXY-D8 to eliminate odor and bacteria.  What I love about this is it targets the bacteria in the back of my throat fights them instead of just covering them.  As a chronic sinus sufferer, I know the bacteria level of my mouth (and in turn my breath) would be affected by the bacteria in my throat. It has just a hint of essential oil of peppermint and I can taste it when I'm rinsing and right after, but it is not overpowering at all.  My mouth feels really fresh after using this rinse.


One last product I tried, which was very effective too, was the TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges.  These are for prevent dry mouth and keeping bad breath away.  The orange-mint flavor (which is actually really good, though I was skeptical, too!) starts to freshen, then zinc, oxygen and xylitol clean up and fight and finally   the lozenges work to stimulate the salivary glands.  I could see using these for quick freshening and to ward off dry mouth.

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Visit the TheraBreath website to learn more about ways to fight halitosis, how TheraBreath products work and how to take advantage of great online pricing and free shipping.

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